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Skills Clinics

Skills Clinics

Sign up for one of the following: Skills Clinics 2024 Summer

Program Duration: May 17th to July 27th, 2024
 Wednesdays: 7:10 PM - 8:50 PM (excluding the first two weeks of July due to holidays and vacation)

Commencing Wednesday, May 17th, from 7:10 PM to 8:50 PM This session is exclusively for Advanced and Intermediate players. Beginners are encouraged to enroll in the Developmental program.

Coaches will conduct weekly assessments to determine the most suitable level for each player.

The training program offers two distinct modules:

  • Setter and Passing/Defense/Libero + Plyometrics/Jump Training
  • Attack/Block MH OH RH + Plyometrics/Jump Training

Total of 9 practice sessions. Fee: $275 for participation in both skills clinics, totaling around 9 practices.

Fee: $275

*** Limited to Experienced Players Ages 12 and Older Only.

Advanced Skills Clinics: Experienced players

Training Focus Areas:


  • Comprehensive understanding of the 5-1 and 6-2 systems.
  • Learn the roles and responsibilities of setters within these systems.
  • Master setter attacks as an added offensive dimension.
  • Develop the ability to block effectively and then set.
  • Convert defensive situations into setting opportunities.

Libero and Setter Cooperation:

  • Enhance the libero's ability to locate the target (setter) with different timing and tempos.   Focus on coordinated coverage strategies and back-row attacks.

Setter and Attacker Synergy:

  • Foster a strong connection between setters and middle or outside hitters.   Work on precise sets that optimize attacking opportunities.

Libero Skills:

  • Master the roles of middle deep defense and left-back defense.   Develop expertise in backcourt attacks and back row settings.   Understand the dynamics of libero and setter collaboration.   Practice finding the target (setter) with varying pacing. Excel in coverage strategies and back-row attack positioning.


  • Hone skills in reading attackers' movements and intentions.   Improve passing accuracy to the target for setting.   Enhance communication within the team for coordinated defense.   Learn coverage strategies and positions.   Practice diving and rolling techniques for effective defensive plays.

Attack and Block:

  • Master 2, 3, and 4-step attack techniques.   Specialize in attacks from various positions: MH (Middle Hitter), OH (Outside Hitter), RH (Right Hitter), and Back Row Hitter.   Develop advanced attacking skills, including effective and play-set attacking.   Learn to navigate single and double-blocking scenarios.   Focus on MH and OH blocking strategies.   Transition seamlessly from blocking to attacking.

Plyometrics / Jump Training:


Plyometrics / Jump Training Benefits:

  • Enhance Ball Control (Passing, Digging) by Cultivating Better Balance and Postural Stability.
  • Elevate Your Vertical Jump to Achieve Higher Points for Attacking and Blocking. 
  • increase Lateral Speed for Improved Defensive Reach and Agility.

  • Boost Reaction and Response Time for Swift On-Court Decision Making.

  • Elevate Net Play with Enhanced Strength and Body Control. Amplify Serve and Spike Velocity by Harnessing Core and Hip Power.

  • Heighten Joint Stability and Flexibility in the Knee, Back, and Shoulder Areas to Minimize Overuse Injuries.

  • Enhance ACL Injury Prevention through Augmented Strength and Body Management.

  • Maintain Explosive Energy from Start to Finish with Enhanced Cardiovascular and Muscular Endurance.