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Club Teams information and fees


RVC Club Signing Party:

Meet your team and coaches, and pick up your uniform number,  uniform, and t-shirt fitting. 

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Tryout Procedure

Check-in and Physical Testing begins at the tryout start time. We recommend arriving early as there may be a line at check-in, but typically check-in will not begin until the start of the tryout. Please note that the check-in process may begin earlier for larger tryouts.

Tryouts and practices are closed to parents
(with the exception of parent workers to help with paperwork on tryout day).

Players will be selected on try-out performance, coachability, athletic potential, work ethic, willingness to be a team member, attitude, and commitment. They will be evaluated on skill execution, and their ability to pass, set, serve, and hit. They are also watched during a game situation for their intrinsic traits.

After the initial tryout, the coaching staff will meet to determine which girls will be in our program.
Athletes will be notified by text, phone, or email.

If the player did not receive an email, text after 72 hours after the final tryout, please contact :

Once the player received the offer, you may accept, reject or let us know which date you will make a decision.

*If you did not respond to the offer after 48 hours, the offer will be expired and goes to the next player on waiting lists.

If you accepted the offer. You will receive a confirmed welcome Text within 10 days after acceptance.
Must sign the contract online and pay your fees on a specific day.
Once you sign the contract, you may not try out or play for any other USA Volleyball Junior program during this season. All fees are non-refundable but you may purchase insurance through Sportsengine when checking out.

*Call back tryouts: The player maybe calls back to determine which level, fit and age group is best for her. No extra fee. (only per coaches request)

* Player movement may occur after the offer/acceptance and during the season.

*Tryouts and practices are closed to parents
(with the exception of parent workers to help with paperwork on tryout day).
The purpose of closed tryouts is to create a productive environment free from as many
distractions as possible. In addition, the insurance coverage for the tryouts only covers those participating in the tryout process.