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Raleigh Volleyball Club Travel Policies

Raleigh Volleyball Club Travel Policies:

The following travel policies are for informative purposes and will hopefully answer all questions and/or concerns about the club’s trips to participate in “in the region” and “out of region” tournaments. It is not intended to be a complete list and for the safety of our players, circumstances for any travel may require additional restrictions. Everyone wants to have an enjoyable trip and in an effort to do this, everyone must adhere to some very basic policies. Both parents and players should review the policies to ensure that they have a complete understanding of the expectations that come with traveling as a member of the Raleigh Volleyball Club. Raleigh Volleyball Club and its staff take the responsibility of traveling with a group of young ladies extremely seriously.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for all players who violate any rule or code of conduct throughout the duration of the trip! From the moment a player arrives at the point of team assembly (usually the tournament venue for in- Region and the airport for Out-of –Region tournaments), to the moment team travel is complete, each player will be under the supervision of Raleigh Volleyball Club staff and team chaperones. Players and parents need to understand that the overarching purpose of each trip is to participate in a volleyball tournament.

Team social activities, while not discouraged, will come second to tournament requirements. Coaches will ensure that players have the opportunity to receive at least eight hours of sleep per night and eat three meals a day. Any social plans will be made around each team’s playing schedule and sleeping and eating requirements. Overnight Stays o In-Region: Players are allowed to stay in hotel rooms with their parents for In-Region tournaments. (the only exception to this policy is the rare event where the Region Championship is an overnight trip) o Out-of-Region: Players will stay in hotel rooms with their teammates for Out-of-Region travel. Players must act in a first-class manner. The following expectations are those that Raleigh Volleyball Club has for all players when traveling with a Raleigh volleyball club team. The Club and its staff are working hard to maintain a first-class reputation; therefore, expectations for players are high. Those who fail to meet them will be subject to consequences that, depending on the severity of the infraction, may range from reprimand to loss of playing time, to expulsion from the team.

1. Players will act in an appropriate manner at all times. This includes the volume of voices, choice of words, course of actions, choice of dress, respect to property (e.g., hotel and airline items), etc.

2. Each player is expected to treat all other players, teammates, coaches, referees, and fans with courtesy and respect.

3. At any tournament, all players are under the supervision of the Raleigh coaches, chaperones, and club representatives from the designated point of assembly. Even if a player’s parents attend the tournament, players are expected to adhere to club & team rules.

4. Players must be on time for all team commitments.

5. Each player will keep their coach, chaperone, or team representative informed of their presence at all times. This rule applies to all local, regional and out-of-region tournaments.  At tournaments, players may be dismissed from team functions (playing site areas, hotel, team dinners, etc.) only if their coach permits it, their parent is present and they ask permission from the coach and/or chaperone beforehand.  If they receive permission to be dismissed from a team function Player/parent must inform the coach and/or chaperone where they will be and their approximate return time.

6. Curfew will be set on a nightly basis depending on the team’s playing schedule.

7. Players will not disturb other hotel guests/airline passengers or hotel/airline staff.

8. At the airport (waiting at the gate, walking around, or at the baggage claim), players must always be in groups of three (3) or more.

9. Within the hotel, players must always be in groups of two (2) or more.

10. Outside of the hotel, players must have an adult Raleigh Volleyball Club member (staff, parent, or chaperone) accompany them. NO Player (even if they are 18 years old) is allowed to leave the hotel property without an adult with them.

11. Players are not allowed in hotel rooms occupied by Non- Raleigh Volleyball Club members or persons of the opposite sex. Non- Raleigh Volleyball Club members are not allowed in players’ hotel rooms. Raleigh Volleyball Club parents are considered members.

12. Players should never give any stranger the name of the hotel the team is staying at or the room number of any Raleigh Volleyball Club player, even someone who identifies himself/herself as a college coach.

13. While in the hotel rooms, players must not leave doors open or prop doors open with latches or other items 14. Raleigh, and USAV's Alcohol, Drug, and Tobacco Policies will be strictly enforced.

15. Any additional costs incurred while traveling will be charged to the player’s account. This includes the replacement costs of misused or stolen hotel items

16. When riding/driving in team vehicles, all players MUST buckle their seatbelts. This rule also applies to any player riding/carpooling with other families/adults.

17. Teams will clean up their areas prior to leaving any tournament site. Any Raleigh Volleyball Club Staff Member, Coach, or Chaperone is authorized to reprimand or discipline any player found to be in violation of these policies. Severe or flagrant violations of the travel policies may result in the player being sent home immediately at the parent's expense. Players must remember that they are not only representing their team, but also Raleigh Volleyball Club, their school, city, and state. We want to be able to return to these tournaments, and hotels and fly the airlines for future tournaments, so please think and act responsibly.