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Raleigh Volleyball Club Travel Policies

Raleigh Volleyball Club Travel Policies

The following travel policies are provided to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all players and participants during club trips for both "in the region" and "out of region" tournaments. While these policies cover the basic expectations, specific circumstances may require additional restrictions to ensure player safety and well-being. All players and parents should thoroughly review these policies to fully understand the expectations and responsibilities associated with traveling as members of Raleigh Volleyball Club. The club places a high priority on the safety and conduct of its players during travel events.

Zero-Tolerance Policy: Any player who violates a rule or code of conduct during the trip will face a zero-tolerance policy. This policy applies from the moment of team assembly (typically at the tournament venue for in-region tournaments and at the airport for out-of-region tournaments) until the completion of team travel. Raleigh Volleyball Club staff and chaperones will supervise players throughout this duration.

Primary Objective: It's important to note that the primary purpose of the trip is participation in a volleyball tournament. While social activities are not discouraged, tournament requirements take precedence over any social plans. Coaches ensure players have adequate sleep and meals, with social activities planned around the team's playing schedule, sleep, and eating needs.

Overnight Stays:

  • In-Region: Players may stay in hotel rooms with their parents for in-region tournaments. An exception is when the Region Championship involves an overnight trip.
  • Out-of-Region: Players will share hotel rooms with teammates during out-of-region travel.

Player Conduct:

  1. Players must exhibit appropriate behavior at all times, including the volume of voices, language used, actions taken, attire worn, respect for property, etc.
  2. Players are expected to treat all players, teammates, coaches, referees, and fans with courtesy and respect.
  3. During tournaments, players are under the supervision of Raleigh coaches, chaperones, and club representatives from the designated assembly point. Players are expected to follow club and team rules, even if their parents are present.
  4. Punctuality is crucial for all team commitments.
  5. Players must keep their coach, chaperone, or team representative informed of their whereabouts at all times during local, regional, and out-of-region tournaments.
  6. Curfew is set nightly based on the team's playing schedule.
  7. Players must not disturb other hotel guests, airline passengers, or hotel/airline staff.
  8. At the airport, players must always be in groups of three or more.
  9. Within the hotel, players must be in groups of two or more.
  10. Outside the hotel, players must always be accompanied by an adult Raleigh Volleyball Club member (staff, parent, or chaperone). No player, regardless of age, may leave the hotel property without adult supervision.
  11. Players may not enter hotel rooms occupied by non-Raleigh Volleyball Club members or individuals of the opposite sex. Raleigh Volleyball Club parents are considered members.
  12. Players must not provide strangers with the team's hotel information or players' room numbers.
  13. Hotel room doors must not be left open or propped open.
  14. Alcohol, drug, and tobacco policies are strictly enforced, following Raleigh and USAV policies.
  15. Players are responsible for any additional costs incurred during travel, including replacement costs for misused or stolen hotel items.
  16. Seatbelts must be worn by all players when riding/driving in team vehicles or when carpooling.
  17. Teams are responsible for cleaning their areas at tournament sites before departure.

Any player violating these policies may face reprimands, loss of playing time, or expulsion from the team, depending on the severity of the infraction. Raleigh Volleyball Club staff members, coaches, and chaperones are authorized to enforce these policies. Serious violations may lead to immediate return home at the parent's expense. Players represent not only their team but also Raleigh Volleyball Club, their school, city, and state. Responsible behavior ensures the club's reputation and future participation in tournaments, hotels, and airlines.