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Skills Clinics

Sign up for one of the following: Skills Clinics 2023 Summer

Starts From 5/17 to 7/27/203. Wednesdays 7:10 PM -8:50 PM (except the first two weeks of July, closed for holidays and vacation)

*Starts Wednesday 5/17 at 7:10 - 8:50 PM 

Advanced and Intermediate players only, beginners please sign up   Developmental.

*Coaches will evaluate players each week to determine which level fits best.

Two different modules of training:

  1. Setter and Passing/Defense/Libero + Plyometrics / Jump Training: Wednesdays 7:10 to 8:00 PM 
  2. Attack /Block MH OH RH + Plyometrics / Jump Training: Wednesdays 8:00 PM to 8:50 PM

7 Practices.   $259.   both skills clinics. 

Skills Clinics

Clinics - Attack/ Block/Set/Pass/Defense/Offense and Plyometrics/ Jump Training, $259

What will we work on in Skills Clinics?

  1. Setting: Setting fundamentals, movement, communication, and footwork. 
  2. Attack and Block: 2, 3, and 4 step attacks, basic blocking, blocking with movement, double blocking. 
  3. Defense: Reading, passing, communication, and diving.
  4. Libero: Middle deep defense, Left back. backcourt attack and back row setting. 

Advanced Skills Clinics: Experienced players

  1. Setting: 5-1 and 6-2 system, setter attack, block to set, defense to set, coverage to set.
  2. Attack and Block: 2,3,4 steps attack, MH, OH, RH, Back row hitter. Effective Attacking, Play-set attacking, single block, double block, MH blocking, OH blocking. and from blocking to attacking.
  3. Defense: Reading the attacker, passing to target(setting), communication,  coverage, dives, and rolls.
  4. Libero: Middle deep defense, Left back. backcourt attack and back row setting. 
  5. Setter and attacker: Setter and  Middle hitter or outside hitter.
  6. Libero and setter: Finding target(setter) with different paces, coverage, and back row attack.


Plyometrics / Jump Training:

  • Plyometrics / Jump Training:

    1. Improve Your Ball Control (Passing, Digging) By Developing Better Balance And Postural Stability
    2. Increase Your Vertical Jump To Attack And Block At A Higher Point
    3. Get To More Balls On Defense With Greater Lateral Speed
    4. Improve Your Reaction And Response Time
    5. Play More Physical On The Net With Increased Strength And Body Control
    6. Increase The Velocity Of Your Serve And Spike By Gaining More Power Through Your Core And Hips
    7. Reduce The Risk Of Overuse Injuries To The Knee, Back, And Shoulder By Increasing The Stability And Flexibility Of Those Areas
    8. Reduce The Risk Of ACL Injuries Through Increased Strength And Body Control
    9. Play The Match Point As Explosively As The First Point By Improving Your Cardiovascular And Muscular Endurance